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the starting-out place for people who claim that they can’t paint

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participant’s feedback

I feel that if I had’t taken this class, I would have been too terrified to move on to my next painting course (…which focused on technique). Reckless Painting course broke down the barriers for me and allowed me to relax and have fun. That was the start I needed! – Lynn Kellog, Vancouver

I don’t know about the artist in me, but the person that enjoys holding a brush & painting on paper is the person I was looking for. I come to the class and I paint and my mind goes to this place that it is just enjoying the process and the two hours are gone. That’s the artist I was missing and wanting. So, it’s great!

participant’s feedback

The abundance of paint and lack of concrete requirements has really let me explore change. Letting go of not only ownership, but also my particular item in a painting is very freeing. I have also enjoyed trying different styles as I change paintings.

I think that I have become less hesitant at experimenting with my creativity.

Art class has rejuvenated my interest in colour-shape and imagination, I am less visceral and more spontaneous. The 2 hrs just go by too fast, I feel like a kid having fun. Thanks.

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