art classes teach adults to...

Art classes teach adults to:

art classes teach adults to...
art classes teach adults to…

I “liked” an image posted on Facebook the other day*. It was preceded by an intro/caption of: Why Art in Schools Matter. And it continued to describe 18 values that are derived from teaching Art in schools… to children.

Of course, the very same argument could be made that these same values apply to adults.

So, here I go, thinking out loud that participating in ‘Art’ is beneficial to adults – possibly more-so than for children! Art classes help adults to;

  • respect other people’s opinions,
  • open themselves up to dialogue in a way that would not otherwise surface,
  • experiment with more creative materials,
  • observe,
  • find their inner (less-listened to) voice,
  • self-evaluate & self-let-go,
  • make connections through self-reflection,
  • express themselves without censor,
  • learn from their mistakes unexpected creations,
  • share the tasks of cleaning up,
  • reflect on their work,
  • embrace diversity and alternate points-of-view,
  • persevere – even in the early stages when their painting “looks crappy”,
  • have an opinion,
  • appreciate beauty – even in the details of a painting that “looks crappy”,
  • break away from stereotypes,
  • envision solutions & un-reality, and
  • value aesthetics of the paintings they are pleased with, and the paintings that “look crappy”.

Yes. I’m convinced, Art classes teach adults a lot.

If you are over 16 (& live in/near East Van), sign-up for Reckless Painting.


* Image adapted from FB post entitled: Why Art in Schools Matter by Scholastic Art & Writing Awards