Yuletide gifts

If you are looking for a gift for someone who is hard to buy for, why not give them five Sundays of Reckless Painting? Download the above “card” that you can present as your gift. To register, you’ll need the person’s phone # or email if they already have a ToL Recreation Account. Go to …

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Autumn 2017

We are back for another session – September to November 2017 A bit of a sampler from the first class….      

Winter 2017

Some treasures [….and that is NOT a compliment :-] from the last session. These examples are from the 5th and 3rd session.

first class

Right now I feel

At the 1st Class of Reckless Painting That’s the first question I ask the people gathered at a Reckless Painting class to answer – anonymously. A common response is something like; “shy & inhibited”. Well, why wouldn’t they! Most of these people have not been in an ‘art’ class for decades! And here they are …

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Merry Christmas – Get Painting!

Know someone who could use some time & space for painting? Give them the gift of Reckless Painting! Call up to register your friend, co-worker or family member in need of some creative bolstering and then print out this coupon. Easy AND creative!

figure painting


Silent Painting of “She” & “He” Tonight was the last class of the Spring 2013 Reckless Painting sessions.                 After the usual warm-up on the cardboard ‘canvases’ that we’ve been using since Week 1, the room was re-aligned for the very last activity: She & He. This is …

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colour palette for Reckless Painting

choosing paint colours

Don’t be intimidated! I’ve heard from a lot of new artists that they just don’t know how to navigate themselves through an art store. …really, what I think they are saying is that they are a bit too embarrassed to ask for help…     They needn’t be. But in the space and time before …

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Bring your genius self to painting class

Blurring the crisp edges of your world can help your genius-self achieve greater clarity in work, life and relationships. Reckless Painting can help by blurring the brain’s expectations through unexpected directions, inspiring u-turns and fun re-adjustments to distract the internal editor. For generations we’ve been pushing workers to … hide their empathy and their creativity and …

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