colour palette for Reckless Painting

choosing paint colours

Don’t be intimidated!

I’ve heard from a lot of new artists that they just don’t know how to navigate themselves through an art store.

…really, what I think they are saying is that they are a bit too embarrassed to ask for help…     They needn’t be.

But in the space and time before a ‘new’ artists feels that they can speak the language of the art store, here are the suggested colours that I’ve been directing people towards for years now.

See the chart below. Starting from the upper Left corner, the most basic colours for a starting palette are listing below. The more you wish to invest, the lower you can continue on the page. Or, you can use the alternates on the Right side of the page. Or, if you want a more-full range to get started on, then fill your basket with the entire sheet.

Did you find this useful? Do you have any different suggestions to offer? Please let me know.


colour palette for Reckless Painting
colour palette …after Reckless Painting