Reckless Painting 1B

Still think you can’t paint? Or else wanting to carry on with more detailed exercises on acrylic and canvas? In an extension of Reckless Painting 1A, this is a friendly, fun painting experience for new or seasoned artists. Come set aside two hours on Tuesday to make painting your priority.

Reckless Painting 1B is an extension. It can be taken immediately after 1A, or on its own (no prerequisites required 🙂

In this course we will move beyond the ‘freeing’ exercises of 1A and shift towards a more focussed approach to a finished product. We will use a variety of art media and end up with painting acrylic on canvas. All levels of art-background will be welcomed. As with the 1A course, we will work to release the fear and tension of what art should be, and simply be artists.