I am here to …get out of my head!

One of the lead-off activities in a Reckless Painting class is to ask a few anonymous questions of participants. As the title suggests, it is worth getting an idea of why these people have signed up.

In this current session, a few people gave a similar response of “getting out of my head“. (Which is a good start!)

We can ‘get out of our head’ when we are faced with the unexpected. And comfortable enough to not worry about getting it right. (What ever getting it right means …within the context of reckless painting.)

We can ‘get out of our head’ when we use only white paint for the first hour or so.

Or when we paint on the table.

And then scrub-clean some new canvases to continue painting…

on someone else’s part of the table.

Actually, there are many ways to ‘get out of our head’ in a painting class.

It seems that the first step is to get out of our home’ and over to an art, music, writing, drama, improv, etc.

It’s great to witness art, but don’t forget to participate.

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