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activity in expressing myself

I’ve had a wonderful five weeks of painting lessons, just being creative and arty – a simply delightful activity in expressing myself with tempra colours. Despite the growing cold weather, and a new country to navigate (I am here as … Continue reading

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Autumn 2017

We are back for another session – September to November 2017 A bit of a sampler from the first class….      

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un-learning the “etiquette” of fine arts

When people ask me what I liked best about Reckless Painting I don’t know where to begin: the people? the compelling instructor? or the immense fun we had? All of the above. And what did we learn, they ask? To … Continue reading

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WalkAround Face

An activity from Reckless Painting for collaborative “art making”. This activity was also completed using magic markers – at a UBC Adult Education class March 2013);

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Experiencing Creativity Rather than Trying to Create “Art”

Guest blog by Amy Walker My favourite Reckless Painting moments were when I really felt free to just “keep going” with a painting instead of thinking about what I was trying to do with it. Arthur told us that one … Continue reading

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8 1/2″ x 11″ It seems that standard paper sizes are too much around us. Just as the parking and movement of cars shape our buildings and cities, the 8 1/2 by 11 of the printer & photocopier shape the … Continue reading

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I am here to …get out of my head!

One of the lead-off activities in a Reckless Painting class is to ask a few anonymous questions of participants. As the title suggests, it is worth getting an idea of why these people have signed up. In this current session, … Continue reading

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Bring your genius self to painting class

Blurring the crisp edges of your world can help your genius-self achieve greater clarity in work, life and relationships. Reckless Painting can help by blurring the brain’s expectations through unexpected directions, inspiring u-turns and fun re-adjustments to distract the internal editor. … Continue reading

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we paint on each other’s work

People aren’t all that sure what they can expect at a Reckless Painting class – and actually, that’s not a bad thing. Although a lot of what goes on is designed to distract the mind from ‘general predictability’, one thing … Continue reading

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