Reckless Painting takes great care in preparing tailored courses for workplaces. Artistic thought is often overlooked as a benefit to a company, though research shows, and many CEOs know, that art is often linked to imagination and innovation. The bottom line is indeed more productivity, but our workplace courses will also improve morale. This course is a 3 hour on-site enrichment workshop for colleagues and co-workers. It is a supportive environment for ALL colleagues to participate in a progression of guided exercises to loosen the rigid mind.

Understand Your Inner Abilities

We paint individually, in pairs, and in small groups to review, reflect, question, interpret and draw inspiration from one another.

Playful activities conceal critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills in solo & group painting exercises. Unexpected twists and turns lead up to 20 co-workers towards flexibility, adaptability and collaboration.

Staff Cohesion

Rolls of paper form “non-rectangular, shared canvases”. You’re even given permission to paint on each other’s work -not as a free-for-all, but as team-building and collaboration exercises. Without complement or criticism.

  • All levels of artists are welcome.
  • All painting materials provided – incl. painting shirts & blindfolds.
  • All you provide is a room: with tables, and without carpet…and refreshments if appropriate.
figure painting: she - the female